News: It’s locusXact: News: It’s locusXact

News: It’s locusXact

Date Added: 12/10/2022 @ 3:55pm

Now you can see what we do and how we do it, our new website has gone live and provides a portal to all things locusXact.

locusXact is one of the market leaders in secure safety-critical staff alarm systems for Healthcare, Justice, Industry & Commerce and Lone Worker applications in the UK and Europe.

Our people have unrivalled experience in design and manufacture of wireless-based products and our complete range is manufactured at our facility in the south-west of England which provides a relatively low carbon footprint within your supply chain.

With a secure independent wireless network our systems provide peace of mind that time critical messages are processed swiftly and accurately. Utilising a high-integrity, 2-way wireless network and resilient dual-technology location beacons they enable rapid response to alarms from staff working where there are inherent risks to their safety. Our durable, waterproof portable brings reliable operation with minimal downtime. Equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) readers users can login using a keyfob tag with a unique PIN to confirm collection of their portable alarm. When checking-in to specific work zones the portable can be configured automatically.

Sold and supported through highly technically competent resellers who really understand the challenges you and your team face locusXact can be delivered and installed quickly providing an immediate level of care and reassurance to you, your team and your service users.

News: It’s locusXact

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