About the Product

About the Product

All our systems use a single, portable device carried by staff to activate alarms and send them to all or specific groups of staff alarm devices to respond. These use a high-integrity, 2-way wireless network and resilient dual-technology location beacons to enable a rapid response to alarms from staff working where there are inherent risks to their safety.

Our mobile devices are also equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) readers so that users can Login using a keyfob tag with a unique PIN to confirm that they have collected their portable alarm. They can also check-in to specific work zones and the portable will be configured automatically.

A PC System Monitor is available to log all alarms and NFC activations for later analysis and to send messages to individual or groups of pagers.

Our systems comply with Government and industry standards and are made here in the UK in compliance with UK CA Approval.


System specification:-

Max. Portables                                                                                            999

Max. Master Base IDs                                                                                 8

Max. Slaves (on RS485 bus)                                                                      16

Max. Repeaters (per Master Base or Slave)                                               7

Max. Wireless Slaves                                                                                  5 hops per repeater

Max. Beacons                                                                                             999

Frequency of operation                                                                               869 MHz

Band of operation                                                                                        Pan European SRD band

Radio Approval                                                                                            ETSI EN300-220-1 v2.3.1

EMC Approval                                                                                             ETSI ETS300-683

Conformity                                                                                                   UKCA; CE

Compliance with building standards                                                            HBN 03-01